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MCES Business to Business

Managed Care Eco Solutions is committed to adding value to its business relationships with existing and potential new customers within the detergent manufacturing industry. The MCES Business to Business programme is modelled on the premise that we will supply Biological and Detergent Enzymes within the cleaning solutions manufacture and formulating business sector assisting manufacturers and formulators in developing sustainable cleaning solutions.

Think Cleaner Greener Smarter

Sustainable supply and value chains


Enzymes have been used for hundreds of years, and today the use of them is almost without limits – find out what enzymes are and how they work.

Enzymes are the tools of nature

Enzymes cut and paste products such as nutrients. They speed up all vital biological processes. The enzymes in the stomach, for instance, ensure that food is cut into tiny particles that can be converted into energy in the body. Wherever one substance needs to be transformed into another, nature uses enzymes to speed up the process.

Enzymes break down your food

Enzymes are the body’s own set of tools

Every enzyme has a specific function

Enzymes are stable and work in mild conditions

Enzymes are fully biodegradable

Proteins are the building blocks of our body

Enzymes are proteins

Enzymes consist of long strings of amino acids

Enzymes have a three-dimensional structure